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GLUTAFLO NOURISHING FACE CREAM With Sandalwood Oil & Sea Buckthorn Extract

GLUTAFLO NOURISHING FACE CREAM With Sandalwood Oil & Sea Buckthorn Extract

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GLUTAFLO Nourishing Face Cream intensively nourishes and replenishes the nutrient deficient skin. Its active biomolecules increase cell regeneration and collagen production to repair skin damage, moisturise dry & dull skin,  leaving you with a  fresh, smooth & luminous visage.


Sandalwood Oil
Antiseptic, antioxidant and antimicrobial in nature, Sandalwood Oil prevents premature skin ageing. It hydrates, cleanses, fades blemishes, smoothes lines & wrinkles; besides helping  reduce acne breakouts. Also used in aromatherapy, it contains alpha Santalol, Beta-Santalol, Oxygenated Terpene Santalol, Alpha Bergamotol, Farsenol.

Sea Buckthorn Extract
It contains good antioxidant properties which make it effective in maintaining a youthful complexion by fighting against free radicals and delaying the signs of aging. Rich in Palmitic acid, it creates an occlusive layer on the skin that acts as protection against weathering and moisture loss.

Olive Oil
Anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial properties make Olive Oil fight premature ageing, help fade scars, and reduce pigmentation. Olive Oil contains Vitamins E and K, Calcium, Potassium, Polyphenols, Oleocanthal, Tocopherols, Phytosterols, Squalene.

Wheatgerm Oil
Wheatgerm Oil is considered to be good for skin health. With potent antioxidants, it  treats dryness, skin inflammation, dark spots, and scars. Wheatgerm Oil is an incredibly healthy oil, rich in Vitamin E that helps battle free radicals. Wheatgerm is known for at least 23 odd nutrients, including Vitamins A, B, D and E.

Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil helps to improve skin tone, maintain softness and radiance of the skin. It also nourishes the skin and lowers the appearance of face wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes. As per Ayurveda, its Vata balancing properties make it nourishing in nature. Apricot Kernel Oil is also naturally high in Vitamin E & C. It is also rich in Vitamin A which makes skin soft and smooth.

Avocado Oil
Acts as a non-greasy, easily absorbed sun block that soothes itchy and chapped skin. It replenishes dry and damaged skin by moisturising and increasing collagen production. Contains Vitamins A, D, E; Proteins, Lecithin; Fatty acids like Linoleic acid and Oleic acid.

Borage Oil
Non greasy Borage Oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, has high GLA content essential to combat oxidative cell damage. Also, reduces dryness and boosts cell regeneration. Contains Vitamin A, B, C, Niacin, Thiamine, several minerals and Gamma Linoleic Acid.

Lavender Oil
It unclogs pores & kills bacteria to prevent and heal acne breakouts.   Lavender has antifungal properties that  can help keep eczema at bay. Lavender Oil helps cleanse your skin, lessen redness,  irritation or inflammation.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
A must for healthy skin, its anti-oxidant nature gives extra protection against oxidative stress, reverses signs of ageing, enhances collagen production, deep cleanses and lightens dark spots.

Other Ingredients : Aqua, Glycerin, Acacia Senegal Gum & Xanthan Gum, C15-19 Alkane, Glyceryl Monostearate , Cetyl Alcohol, Preservative,  Pentylene Glycol & Hydrogenated Castor Oil & Trideceth-9 & Phenylethyl Resorcinol & Proplene Glycol & Sclareolide , Arachidyl Alcohol (and) Behenyl Alcohol (and) Arachidyl Glucoside, IFRA certified Fragrance

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